10 Latest Kids Playground Fashion Styles, Global Kids Fashion Week 2013

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The 1st ever Global Kids Fashion Week 2013 is ongoing in London right now, presenting pint-sized looks from luxurious labels like Oscar de la Renta, Paul Smith, Gaultier and Missoni. Here are a few kids playground Fashion styles rules we discovered from the globe’s most discriminating kids.

1. Lederhosen are so in right now.

%mehndi%Latest arbic indian henna designs
They say “I no for a longer time live in fear of urination my pants” in a way that elastic waist trousers just do not, you know?

2. Purses should look like crammed animals.

%mehndi%Latest arbic indian henna designs
We actually hope Marc Jacobs involved some googly eye below that wee messenger bag’s flap.

3. Attitude is everything.

%mehndi%Latest arbic indian henna designs

See the full collection here.

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