Cute Korean Fashion For Teen Girls Trends: Little Dorothy

%mehndi%Latest arbic indian henna designs
What are you taking into consideration when you look on this Korean fashion for the 1st time?  How Charming! or “It tells me to Marionette doll” and you might say , It is really like pottery doll, the little Dorothy!” this fashion design and style is amazingly loved by a lot of girls, women in youngsters level and adult both. It is like marionette doll ( an Europe puppet girl doll) style and British little young lady in Victorian time.

%mehndi%Latest arbic indian henna designs

They in the same way wear a cute dress with small rose or flowers printing with light color like naked, beige, pink or blue shad. The outfit generally mixed with many shoelaces in the collar line, waist, and border of the outfit. They also put headscarf, bow and bead necklace and bracelets as the accessories. Storing laces and flat shoes are also essential in this kind of Korean fashion style. Then look at this Korean fashion style, it is very hypnotised every women.

%mehndi%Latest arbic indian henna designs

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