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Incredible Ways Your Diet Can Affect Your Mind

When we eat and drink, we hardly ever think about what affect the substances we are consuming are having on your minds. Of course, there are certain exceptions. But even then, we don’t think about the long term effects. If we drink alcohol, we might wonder how long it will take to get drunk. Or we could consider how bad the hangover will be tomorrow. But we hardly ever consider the long term effects that drinking alcohol can have on the mind. We also don’t consider the positive outcomes of eating healthily. It’s not just about keeping your body fit; it also helps keep your mind in a good condition. Here are some surprising examples of how your diet can affect your mind.

Drinking Alcohol

Incredible Ways Your Diet Can Affect Your Mind

If you drink alcohol you will, of course, find your mind is altered when the liquid is in your system. Alcohol, though a depressant, can give us incredible highs. It can also numb our mind, making us lose focus and concentration. After all, there’s a reason why you can not drink and drive. Your senses are subdued. This is all common knowledge, but many people do not understand the effects of alcohol dependence. If you drink alcohol on a regular basis, you’ll find your mood is also altered when it’s not in your system. This could be seen as an example of withdrawal. Your mood will change rapidly and you will find your body needs alcohol for your mind to be stable. Drinking alcohol in excess quantities for large periods of time can even damage the mind.


Dietary Supplements

Of course, let’s not forget that substances can also have a positive effect on your mind. If you smoke marijuana, you may think there are no negative side effects of this drug. In fact, research studies show that high usage of marijuana leads to spouts of paranoia even when the drug is not in the system. That said, the oil found from cannabis has positive effects on the mind. CBD oil is an approved dietary supplement and has been used to treat a wide number of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Unlike, marijuana the oil does not contain the chemical that gives the high, so the oil is legal is most countries. Even now, researchers believe they are only scratching the surface of the benefits of this supplement.




Most of us will have heard about the chemical in chocolate that can boost endorphins. This causes the feeling you get when you are in love. It’s also quite similar to the sensation you get after long periods of exercise. Yes, that’s right. Chocolate doesn’t just taste good. It literally alters how happy you are feeling. But that’s not the only benefit of chocolate. The chemical also acts on the same area of the brain that antidepressants react to. So if you are feeling sad, a bar of chocolate could lift your spirits. Dark chocolate has also been seen to have wonderful effects on the rest of the body. For instance, it can lower blood pressure.

It’s clear then that what we eat has a huge effect on our mind. In fact, it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase you are what you eat, doesn’t it?

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