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Japanese Harajuku Fashion Trends for Teen Girls 2013

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Here are the japanese harajuku Fashion  for girls, Japanese people Harajuku Girls and Harajuku Style has been used to explain teens dressed up in many fashion types. Harajuku became popular in the 1980s due to the street artists wildly-dressed teens who accumulated there on Sundays when Omotesando was  closed to visitors.

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Omotesando is a very long street with cafes elegant fashion stores popular with residents visitors alike. Below we list the best online harajuku fashion outlets and show you where to buy the very best in Japanese people street fashion.

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Harajuku has turn into world popular as Japan’s center for street fashion trends. This rectangle mile area is jam-packed with shops, fashion centers and chains. Each and every day of the year, more than tens of thousands of the people come here to shop, hang out, and see what the newest trends are.
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The area was actually a small village populated by low level samurai. Harajuku’s start as a centre of fashion and youth traditions came after WWII. US Army barracks, known as Washington Heights, were developed here. Shops that focused to the military family members followed. This fascinated young people inquisitive about Western traditions.


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