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Hand and Feet Care Tips

Hand and Feet Care Tips

Moisturize often:
Often use hand creams to rehydrate your hands after every wash.Hand and Feet Care Tips

Foot creams:
Try to use a rich cream on your feet every night to restore your skin, which suffers through the day. Always wash your feet as you reach home and before applying the lotion.

Use antiseptic:
Since humidity can cause infection so use an antiseptic soap or a foot-wash to wash away grime. Also before you wear shoes dust your feet with an anti-fungal power. This will keep your feet smelling fresh.

Pro care:
In 15 days, once or twice visit a professional manicurist and a pedicurist for complete treatment. Go for hydrating treatments complete with scrub, mask, moisturiser, massage – the works.

Facials for hands and feet:
We have various types of hand and foot facials where we pamper your limbs so that you are mentally and physically relaxed. Use ingredients like floral extractions, orchid essential scrub, ceramide creams, and white tea moulding mask to treat different hands and feet problems.

Try reflexology:
When you are feeling exhausted and tired, and have aching limbs then foot reflexology session can be very beneficial. It is a holistic healing technique that improves lymphatic drainage and removes toxins within the body. It is highly relaxing.

Just push and don’t snip:
When you are getting a pedicure and manicure ensure that the therapist does not cut your cuticles. Instead he or she should push it back and remove only the dead layer. That will avoid infections and keep nails healthy. In case you develop infection…

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